Ladan and Laleh Bijani (January 17, 1974­July 8, 2003) were Iranian law graduates.They were conjoined twinsisters, joined at the head, who died soon after surgical eparation. In 1996, they traveled to Germany, trying to get doctors there to separate them. The German doctors however declined to operate, saying that tile risk of separation surgery would be too high for both of them. In November 2002, after meeting Dr. Keith Goh, who successfully separated the Shrestha sisters (Ganga and Janluna), who had also been joined at the head, the Bijani sisters traveled to Singapore to undergothe operation. Even though they were warned that the surgery to separate them would still be very risky by the doctors, the sisters were very determined.The separation stage of the surgery completed at 13:30, but there was significant blood loss, and Ladan Bijani died at around 14:30 on the operating table; her sister Laleh died a short time afterwards at 16:00. The deaths were announced by the chairman of Raffles Hospital,Dr. Loo.

Conjoined /adjective/:  joined together متحد كردن‌، يكي‌ كردن‌، وصلت‌دادن‌، تركيب‌ كردن
Declined /adjective/:   refuse a request or offer
رد كردن‌، نپذيرفتن
Determine /verb/:    cause to form a firm intention or decision   Separation /noun/:     move apart جداسازى
تصميم‌ گرفتن‌،حكم‌ دادن‌، تعيين‌ كردن


Undergo /verb/: pass through; experience تحمل کردن ،دستخوش( چيزى )شدن